Saturday, February 28, 2009

He's Here--Meet Dane Taylor Pollei

He's here..... February 28 2009!!!

Weighing in at 7 lbs. 5 oz, 20 inches long.

Our story:

On Friday 2-28-09, at 3pm my doctor stripped my membranes.... by 10:00 pm I was starting heavy labor. Decided to leave the house at 10:45pm. Arrived at the hospital in major pain and dialated to a 5. Within minutes I was at a 7 (even before they submitted me to the actual labor and delivery room). (In our hospital they keep you in a Pre-labor unit to get you prepped for the real thing)!! They were taking TOO LONG--because I needed to push right then and there. When I said that and after violent vomiting, they finally got my IV in an sent me upstairs. I got my epidural a half hour later, an then they broke my water. Within 20 minutes I was at dialated to a 10 and ready to push. I started pushing at 1:28am and he arrived at 1:35am. I even appartently pushed him out without a contraction. Apparently you only push on your contractions, but hey can you blame me.... he was coming and I couln't wait any longer. He was healthy and happy when he came out. He is doing great, latching on phenonmenally and sleeping great. I am recovering well with little pain and happy to be breast feeding again. Zoe came by today to meet her little brother and they seemed to be quite happy to reunite after not seeing each other for 18 months!! They are exactly 18 months and 2 days apart. We couldn't be more excited to have this little guy here (especially me--haha)! He looks like Zoe, and he looks like a little of this and that... you decide for yourself. I can't add pictures to the blog for some reason, but I have created a link for you to see our pictures... I hope you enjoy and more are to come. p.s. these are not edited or anything...just straight off my camera.

Love and miss you all.

Taylor, Amber, Zoe Brooke, and DANE TAYLOR POLLEI

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Baby Names

Some people have asked us if we have any names yet.... Well we do, but we don't! We can't decide and probably won't decide until we see his sweet little face. However we are truly up for suggestions at this point. We aren't really revealing the few that we have only because we are so unsure about them... but if you guys have any suggestions for us-- we would love to hear them. This little guy is on his way and we need to get this figured out. Maybe one of you guys have a name or two that we haven't thought about yet.

Baby Shower/Dinner

My friends are so awesome. I am seriously so blessed to have them in my life. They are family away from family for me. They wanted to throw me a shower, but I thougth it would be much funner to do a girls night out at Cheesecake Factory. I'm sad that not everyone was able to make it, but for those that did, thank you so much. We had an absolute blast. I am sad that I am moving because these girls are irreplacable.... thank you for all that you do--- Love you guys!!!

Behind me: Ashely Marostica, Heather Johnstun, Chaci Fisher- across from her is: Julie Dawson, Kelley Meier, Kay Montgomery, and Amanda Knickerbocker.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Daddy at the Please Touch Museum!!

Daddy finally got to go see what the big deal was about PTM.... and guess what, he loved it and I think just as much as Zoe does. They were playing in the pretend McDonalds eating a hamburger, riding on the Merry-go-round, painting rose flowers in the Alice and Wonderland zone, and playing with the froggies in the rainforest room. We all had a lot of fun... but it wore all of us out and when we got home Zoe crashed and mom and dad were pooped for the rest of the day. We love it when Daddy's home on the weekends-- it's so much fun to go and play!!!

The PTM!!!

So in an effort to "run" my little puppy dog out.... I take her to the PLEASE TOUCH MUSEUM!!! The greatest place in Philadelphia for little kids. Zoe can run, and run, and run.... and I don't worry about her braking anything. It's like a disneyland full of creative theme rooms, arts and crafts, and hands on interaction. She has a blast everytime we go. So far I set a new record and went 5 times this week. Only because it's freezing outside and I don't want to take her to the parks that are wet and cold. And the other is particially selfish on for me, because I have to chase after her, and I am hoping that I go into Labor with all the walking around that I am doing. But no worries for those of you that want my other little monkey to bake longer.... he's not going anywhere. By the way I am 38 weeks on Tuesday....Still at 4cms... and hanging in there. If anyone wants to join me in my PTM excursions.... your more than welcome to come. Here are some pictures of friends that we went with this week. Zach and Kate Marastica, and Celab Knickerbocker....

My little Monkey

Ok, so my little monkey is quite the independent one. I ran upstairs to grab something leaving Zoe downstairs to watch Elmo... her favorite buddy. Apparently however, he was sorta boring for her, because when I came back down stairs, this is what I saw. Our mini DVD player- open and on as if I set her up with it. This was, by the way on the top of my couch, where I had just put it momentarily so she couldn't get to it. The little munchkin climbed onto the couch, got it, opened it and then turned it on. Needless to say I was glad she didn't break it, but it was really funny because she was quite proud of herself that she managed to turn it on. Let alone without mommy, and without getting in trouble. She normally would have, but it was too cute and funny to get mad at her. So I let her watch Dalmations while I finished up my morning stuff. Thanks Grandma Pollei for the movie... she loves it!! Ruff, Ruff!!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Family Pictures

So this amazing photographer... Danica Nelson, mother of two and wonderful person took our family pictures for us. We are so happy with them.... Thanks Danica you did awesome yet again. Here is a quick sneak peek at her talent and our pictures. She's amazing and did wonders for the circumstances being as Zoe would not look at the camera---she's 17 months old what else can I expect? If you need a photographer go to her website, plus there are more pictures of us that I didn't post. Again Danica-- you are amazing, thank you again for taking these.

Check out her website at:

Monday, February 16, 2009


Hi guys...

Ok, so I laughed when I read your comments to my last post. Ok, let me clear some things up. When I say that I am desperate to get this baby out.... I am NOT --LET ME REPEAT--NOT Desperate enough to try Castor Oil!! In fact I don't think I would ever try it even if I was at my 40 week mark. I too have heard horrible stories and wouldn't want to wish that on myself on top of labor.

Also...I am pretty much ignoring my contractions (advice of my nurse) because I have them all day and all night. Hence that is why I am so dialated and why I am so anxious for them to kick into true Labor. However, I am not really doing anything out of my normal routine. I can't for the sake of my 17month old hang out in the house all day... so we go on walks and to the Please Touch Museum to get out of the house. If I happen to go in labor than I am ok with it. You must remember what it is like the last few weeks of your pregnancy... No Sleep, bathroom visits all throughout the day and night, and the ever-most popular feeling of not being able to breathe.

So no worries, this baby will come when he wants to, I obvisouly can't do anything about it because nothing seems to kick these continual contractions into high gear. So for now, I ignore, wait and pray that things move along soon and that time passes quickly. However, if I am still prego by 40 weeks, I think I might take some of your advice to help this little guy along his way.

Thanks for caring, and you're all right... he does need to stay put. (but not for long right?)

Smiles =)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hey Friends and Family...

So I am officially 37 weeks on Tuesday, but I thought I would share my good but proving to be bad news so far.  

So I go in for my 36 week appointment and find out that I am 4cm dialated.  Ya--- can you believe it?  Ok so I had contractions for two days straight and still nothing right after my exam. I actually went into the hospital because they were so frequent (3-5 minutes apart) for several hours.  My nurse thought that I might be more dialated and that I might be in true labor.  But of course when I got there, they slowed down and I was still at a 4cm--so they sent me home.  I was so bummed.  I am just at that "please get this baby out of me" stage and totally willing to have this kid any day.  

So its actually been bad that I know I'm so far dialated because now I am expecting every little braxton hicks to turn into labor.  My doc says that I could go any day, but here I am still preggo. So against my own mother's wishes... I've tried to jump start this labor.  (She thinks he needs to bake a little longer--which is probably true... but if he comes he comes and I am not against that at this point).  I've had spicy food --peppers, sushi and I've tried walking around as much as possible--but nothing is working.  I am not desperate enough to try castor oil because I'm seriously not even full termyet, but my am getting reeally anxious.  Technically I am full term on Tuesday so I think it's fair game that he come any time after that.  My doc says that he is about 7 lbs and would be fine if he came after 37 weeks.  So any suggestions as to how jump start labor---I am up for anything.  (Oh and yes, I am aware of the other thing that I can do---no need to mention it- because seriously... that's just not quite comfortable these days--hahaha)!!! I will keep you all updated.  

Zoe update: 
"Coo--kee Peees" (cookie please) is what we hear after dinner just about every night.  I can hand her any kind of cookie: chocolate chip, anmial, whatever...but the only one she wants is an Oreo.  So you would think that she would just devour the whole thing.. Nope not Zoe.  She has seriously mastered the twist, open and lick method.  No joke she can even pull off the entire circle of frosting.  She discards the actual oreo part when she's finished with all of the frosting and she turns to me and says..."more cookie!!"  We've resorted to breaking the cookie in half so she thinks that she's getting two cookies instead of one.  We really don't mind her eating them since she only has one a day and the girl could definately use some calories.  

Her latest sayings are:
Please and Thank you... which sound more like: "Pees and Tank--U"  

She of course can point to and say: 
Shoes, toes, eyes, ears, mouth and nose.  If you ask her where mommy's baby is, she runs over to my belly and lifts my shirt up and blows zerberts on it.  If you ask her where you belly is, she unfortunately calls it "baby" too and laughs histarically.  She even thinks daddy has a baby... we will have to clear this all up after the baby comes.  

She can give high-5's and must give everyone a high-5 if they are in the room.  She even has to give it over skype if she sees you.  

She loves to run around the house from one end to the other screaming, dancing and twirling in circles.  She makes herself so dizzy that I have to watch her so she doesn't hit anyting.  
She gives us big hugs and kisses around our necks and is such a sweetheart.

We are sad that she won't be the only little baby in our lives because we are so used to doing just her.... but we are soooo excited to meet her little brother.  I think she will be a great big sister.  One that I will have to watch very closely...but still be so proud and excited to have him in our home. 

Thats a little glimpse into our lives.  Pictures are coming ... I know---they've been coming.  I'm working on it.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pregnancy Update

Hi everyone.... so I know that I have been really slow at my blog these days, and I can only hope that you understand I am really busy... and totally tired these days. Yea-- for almost being done!!! I am 36 weeks yesterday.... can't wait to be full term! These pictures were taken by my life long friend Ellie... we've known each other since elementary school. She lives in NY and came to visit us this past weekend. Thanks Elle for taking these shots!