Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Potty Training

IT'S TIME!!! After being on double diaper duty for 15 months!!! (and not having twins as my excuse), it is definitely time to Potty Train my almost 3 year old. (She will be 3 at the end of August.) After talking about it, reading books and testing the waters, I decided to pull the plug this last weekend.

It was actually a poor move on my part because I did it right after she was sick, and I (unaware of my own bodily workings) didn't realize that I was getting sick too. However, we stuck to it anyways, and although we all got this really nasty bug one after each other, Zoe is now almost potty trained. Almost meaning she listens to her body and knows when she has to go pee pee, she is going dry most of the time during her naps, and is waking up dryer and dryer in the morning.

However, my one problem is that she REFUSES, to go #2 on the toilet. I'm convinced that Zoe is totally freaked out about the huge gaping hole below her and is trying her hardest to not fall in. I think she thinks it will swallow her whole if she tries anything beyond #1. She screams horrifying screams if I try to coach her through it, so in the mean time we are still working on that part of things. On a lighter note, we are only 5 days into it, and she really hasn't had very many accidents. She is no longer using her little potty, which is good, but now is completely obssessed with going to the bathroom every 5 minutes (even when she doesn't have to go-- does that stop anytime soon?)

How we did it--THANK YOU to my cousin Kelli, and her great tips on the Elmo Potty Movie, and all the great guidelines she gave, we are on our way to a diaper free Zoe. We made a big deal about the movie and popped popcorn, got little panties, and a sticker book for her sticker chart.

Enjoy the pics, but if anyone has a tip on how to get them to go #2 in the toilet, that would be great.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Recent Service Project

In the little time I have between naps, errands, parks and playing with my kiddos, I occasionally have the oppurtunity to sit and quilt. Although I am starting to venture out and do other sewing projects, here is my most recent finished quilt. This I made as a little girl baby quilt. I gave it to the girl who won it at the auction and she loved it. It was hard to give away, but I am glad that she liked it.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Family Photo Shoot-April 2010

These were just taken, and although I need to update this blog with more vacation pictures, I couldn't resist these. Enjoy! If you want to look at all of them, you can go to this link.