Friday, October 17, 2008

More Pictures of us in Az

This is Zoe's sleeping arrangement... we have her in a closet stuffed with pillows all around it so she doesn't bonk her head.   The other one is with her in Tienna's rocking chair watching Elmo.  The only two times throughout my days that I get any break... nap time/bedtime and watching Elmo.  

Daddy also decided that Zoe needed to get her hair done... so he took the liberty of getting her dressed and ready for the day.  I had to get pictures of her first pony tails... notice they are with barretts... haha... at least he tried.  Thanks Daddy for getting her ready for the day.

Playing with Daddies and Books

This is Josh and Tienna (Abbie's husband and little girl-Taylor's sister).  Tienna has a lovesac in her room and the girls just love to play and crawl all over it.  Everyday they get a running start from the hall and just lunge for the lovesac.  Daddies were home that morning and they got to read to the girls.  We have had so much fun playing all day long.  Arizona is hot but very doable. Thanks Abbie and Josh for our stay in AZ.  (We leave tomorrow morning to Philly for 6 days)!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Travel Log... Starting from the beginning of our Trip

This is my cousin and her two kids, Juliet and Davis....They came to visit for Zoe's Birthday!  Thanks Kell again for watching Zoe for me and keeping her busy while I went to my scrapbook convention.. Zoe told me about all fun she had at Legoland and playing with all your kids toys.. We miss you guys.

Here is my Family... Mom and Dad.. Mandy and James (the other married couple), Blake (single and totally available) and Brenan (13 yrs. old) and Aubree (the Bachelorette- not available because she's too young --haha a sophmore at the U of U) and of course the three of us.  Thanks guys for letting Taylor and I crash in Irvine for so long.  We miss you and the weather.

Missing Philly Friends

Hi Guys... I know that you have been waiting for these picture and I can finally say that I cleaned out all my hard drive space on my computer so I can finally upload the digital cards that I've been keeping for months now.

Here is some of us at one of our favorite Sandwich Shops-- Potbelly.  The girls gathered to wish me off one last time before we left on our four month excursion across the country.  I miss you guys... I hope you visit Pot belly often-- I sure miss it.  I will be in Philly on Monday if anyone wants to go to lunch!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Thanks for all of your advice gals... I have been reading it and implementing things that I thought would be helpful, and trust me things have gotten better.

I think her crackiness has been from many factors, but one that is for sure is the teething thing.
She still only has the one on bottom and now there is two coming in on TOP! Yup the first one finally broke a day ago and the other one is on its way. Being able to see progress is great and I feel like there is sorta light at the end of the tunnel because she is sleeping through the night better now that the one has broken through.

Ever since she was little I have played a water cd (complimentary of Happiest Baby on the block--I highly recommend it) and she at this point really relys upon that to calm her down. I am crazy because I cart it when we travel, but as many of you mentioned the "white noise" really does wonders for the sleeping. I think this will be done for awhile --probably all up until baby #2 comes. Then I will continue to do it because I want that same calming effect for him as well. Thanks for the encouragement--I didn't know that so many other moms rely upon those same tactics.

Also... it was encouraging to hear that other babies teethed just as late. So Zoe has hope for the rest of hers to come in --Yea!!

Arizona is beautiful and HOT!!! However, give me the heat any day over the cold and snow. Taylor is really enjoying his rotation and seems to be making a good impression. We can definately see ourselves here for residency. Cross your fingers for us!!!

Our schedule.... We are in town (AZ) until Oct 18th. Then we leave to Philly for a week. Then we fly to SLC on Oct 25th. We will be in Utah until Thanksgiving. Plans after that are still up in the air, but we most likely will be back to Philly in January.

We miss all of our friends in PA, but are enjoying our travels. Love to all across the miles.

DG Songfest 2008

Aubree is my little sis and she is at the University of Utah. She is part of the greek sorority system... She's a DG... anyways here is her latest thing.

(Post entered by mom)--Go Aubree (she's the cutest one up there- 4th from the left with the "D" coming out of her head--blonde)

The DG's had songfest and for the 2nd year in a row they won. This means they beat everyone on Greek row, boys included...As you can see by their outfits, they did the Sound of Music. Aubree was so excited when she called me. This gives them bragging rights all year. DG's rock, way to go!

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