Thursday, April 22, 2010

Still on Vacation - Disneyland-

So even though the kids are way to young to remember us taking them to D-land, we all know that we go because of the parents right? I've been wanting to take Zoe since she was born, but I am glad I waited because it was much more fun now that she recognizes some the characters. However, rule #1- if your children have nightmares do not take them on the following rides: SNOW WHITE, MR. TOAD'S WILD RIDE, AND PETER PAN.

Our first ride of the day: Snow White. After Zoe saw us cruise on into the dark tunnel on a little car, scary witches started popping out from every corner. Tears and crying soon followed, and we were pretty much screwed the rest of the time. Any tears you see are due to her terrifying experience on Snow White. I tried to redeem myself by taking her on Mr. Toads Wild Ride, but that only made things worse. Then the ride I wanted to go on (Peter Pan), was completely out of the picture. We dragged her on It's a Small World, and then after that she seemed to lighten up.

All in all, we had a really great time with the kids, and they seemed to enjoy it too, (minus any scary witches). We came back to my parents for dinner and to drop off the kids, and Taylor and I went back for the last 2 hours. In an hour and half, we managed to ride, Indiana Jones, Haunted House, Splash Mountain, and Space Mountain. We even got thier famous ice cream cones on the way out. Tickets to Disneyland---$$, Food and Parking--$$$, Mommy happy to see kids at Disneyland-- Priceless.

On Vacation

Taylor is off this week and we decided to get a little R&R at the pool. It has been pretty hot so why not take the kids across the street to the pool they've been staring at all winter long? Mom was a little bit of a wuss and didn't want to venture into the pool just yet, so she decided to take pictures instead. Dane is loving the water and is becoming quite the water King. He has no fear and will walk right in. Despite Zoe's swim lessons last year, she was a little hesitant to swim completely on her own. (It's been a few months) I'm thinking we need to sign both the kids up for lessons this year and soon. In the meantime, Dad makes for a great life guard!

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Between Dane having Pink-eye, Zoe getting into the Lotion, Dane getting back into the tub right after I just got him dressed, Zoe having 5 popcicles, and Dane stealing Zoe's ball, these are just a few of the things that happen on an everyday basis. Enjoy!!!


So in Philly we used to go all the time to the local Zoo and to all sorts of fun, kid-friendly places. Since we've been here in Phoenix we have been trying to familiarize ourselves with what to do with our kids here. We finally found time to go to the Phoenix Zoo. We got to go and spend time with Abbie, Josh and Tienna too. I think all of us had a fun time, even though the animals were all sleeping (most of the time), it was fun for Zoe to see animals in real life and actually know what she's looking at.