Monday, November 26, 2007

Talking with Mom

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Thanksgiving was at Kelley's house, friend of ours whose husband goes to school with Taylor. It was yummy and sure made being away from home not so bad.

The girls... me, Heather (next to me), Chaci (in the blue) and Kelley (the hostess)! I love these girls, they are so fun to hang with and live near.

The Family- Yeah.. Zoe's first Thanksgiving!!

Me and baby

The boys!! (Jared Johnstun... friend of our from school)!

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Story Time

Zoe's first bed time story. Notice she really is looking at the book. Taylor thought it was cute so he had to snap a picture... Look how excited she is. She's soo smart Taylor's just waiting to spring his text books on her.



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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A real Outfit..moving on from the One-zee!

How do they look mom? Do the jeans fit?

Not sure who gave me the jeans... but she fits them finally and it was such a milestone for me to be able to dress her in something other than a onezee..Isn't she cute?? Not to mention a little sassy, her little personality is starting to come out more and more!!

Is it time to eat yet?

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sporting the chub... 11 Weeks Old!

Zoe is 11 pounds now and just turned 11 weeks old today. Can you believe it?? She's such a little joy to have in our home. We love her big cheeks and her fun facial expressions. We just love having her around.




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Bath Time

Check out my chucky monkey... She's so funny, for some reason she has her arms back like she's showing off her muscles. She's attempting to sit up lately and spares no oppurtunity to attempt this while bathing. They grow so fast don't they? She's getting big if you can't tell, almost ready to graduate to the big tub.




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Hanging with Grandpa

I found these pictures of my dad and Zoe and I thought they were soo cute. Do you think that there is any family resemblence? He just loves her and calls her little "tugers", which is a pet name he used to call me and my siblings... I think its a form of "sugars" except with a "T", don't ask me, he's the grandpa, he can call her whatever he likes.



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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Some visitors for Zoe (not her parents)

Pseudo-Uncles Kim, Rick, Rajit, Tim, and Aunt Tara showed up to meet little Zoe. Although she didn't perform by standing up and running around the room doing cartwheels, she was still cute. I think they just missed all the study time we spent together.


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Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Zoe and Buddy Taegan. Went Trick or treating as a cheetah baby and a bumble bee. My friend Heather and I were having too much fun dressing up our babies.

Zoe's Blessing

Zoe was blessed on Sunday November 4th, 2007. Dad did a wonderful job on her blessing, and she was a perfect angel the entire day. She let us take her picture, pass her around with family and let everyone ohh and ahh at her.

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