Monday, April 28, 2008

8 months old

Can you believe it. Zoe is 8 months old. She is on the move.. she's got places to be, people to meet and puffs to eat. She is just getting over a little cold too, so don't mind the runny nose. (Yup another cold) It's her 3rd one since we've been back from California. Do you think it's something in the air? Oh and don't ask me why she always puts this sign in her mouth. She can't help it ---it's getting reeally hard to take her picture these days without distracting her with something.

Friday, April 25, 2008

It's Official!!

The Newest and Official Developments:

Zoe's Top 4 and Newest Diet trends:

1. Deli meat-- Turkey or Chicken... she LOVES IT!!!

2. BREAD- corn bread, banana bread, or wheat bread (with cheese)- I think she will take anything (she's like her Dad- He LOVES bread)

3. Cheese, yogurt, and blueberries...(not a fan of the blueberries, but she's working on it)

4. Crackers- I got the new ones that are half pretzel and half cracker...she likes them a lot (I do too).

Zoe's Top 4 New and "Official moves"-

1. SHE'S CRAWLING.....she is fast, and all over the place.

2. She can do push-ups when she crawls in attept to try and stand.

3. She can go from crawling to sitting to laying to rolling to her push-ups quicker than I can get to her.

4. She can pull herself up to a standing postion in her crib, onto the sofa, and whatever else she can find... but she topples over (she's still working on the whole balance thing.)

Top 4 things Zoe is Officially Scared of (although this sounds's actually totally funny):

4. The blowdryer- "Why is your hair flying everywhere mom?"

3. The mixer- "Mom...what are you doing and can you paleeze stop it??"

2. The garbage disposal- "What is that thing?"

1. The vacuum-This one is the funniest...While holding her, she buries her head into my neck, while every now and then peering over her shoulder to look at the big mean monster. Now, when she sees it, she automatically crawls over to me assumes her neck position and doesn't move until I am done.

(Will she ever get used to this?)

Here are some random pictures of Zoe of the last few weeks

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Zoe feeling better--Meet her future Husband-Taegen

This is Zoe and Taegen hanging out together. He's Heather's son... good friend of mine out here in philly. Zoe kept trying to give him kisses and eat you can see he's not so excited about that part. Plus he wanted to play with the remote and she just wanted to eat that too!!

A Trip down memory lane.....

This is our engagement picture (we used this one on our actual announcement)

This was at my parents house right after we got married...we went down for spring break. (We consider this our "Larvae Stage" haha...)

This one is a year after we got married... or was it two years?

In 2005 in front of Salt Lake Temple

2005 right before we came out here to Philly

First Christmas in Philly (2006)

Summer 2006

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I'm back!!

So sorry guys..... didn't mean to have you all see my quilt. For some reason I couldn't attach my pictures to my email account- it just wouldn't send them, so in order for my mom see my quilt (she wanted to see it because she's a quilter and I wanted her advice on it)... I posted it really quick so that she could see it. However, people started to comment on it before I could delete it, so I guess its staying. I am just having fun sewing since it's all I can do since I have been sick. I got what Zoe got and now we are all better. Since Saturday Zoe and I started feeling like ourselves again. Being sick really reeeealllly sucks. But we're good now and in order to redeem myself for posting horrible pictures of my poor sick baby....happy ones are coming. Also, in the midst of me changing my template I lost a ton of widgets- including everyone's address. So I have been (when I have a minute) logging onto other people's blogs and getting everyone that I used to have on my list again. However, I haven't been able to get everyones.. so if you think I have yours, please leave it anyways because if I don't have it on my links then I am hunting for it right now. Sorry it has taken me so long to post --- but I am feeling up to the task again. Can't wait to get your addresses so that I can keep up with you all. Take care. (thanks for humoring me). Oh and I didn't even keep that darn template anyways... a lot of good it did me huh!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Quilt in the Making