Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Birthday Party

Althouh Dane's birthday was 2 weeks ago I finally managed to get his birthday party together. We had a pool party because the weather is so nice right now. So Yes, all of you out of the state of AZ get reealllly jealous because we are swimming in March baby!! Haha just kidding. We all know its going to get freeeakking hot here in about 2 months. So we are enjoying the weather while we can, plus they heat my pool so it makes it worth while to get in. Poor little guy grabbed a cactus 20 minutes into his party, so he was content to suck on his sucker and hang out for a bit. The good news is, we got most of the prickles out of his hand and he was still happy to blow out his candles and stuff his face with popsicles and cupcakes. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANE!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

My baby is 2 !!!!!

I took Dane on a little mommy and son date the other day and took pictures of him for his 2nd birthday. Because it was just me and him he wasn't distracted that much and I was able to capture some really precious moments. I love this little guy so much, he's a mama's boy and right now I'm thinking that's ok. The cutest thing is that he's still learning to talk and when he calls for me instead of saying "mommy" he says "mimi" Awww.. I just love him!