Friday, July 16, 2010

A Day at the gym

There is a really fun gym near our house, and a few friends from my ward invited us to join them on a gym day. For 1 hour they open the gym to all ages of kids to just jump, tumble and roll all over the place. The kids had a blast. I think we have two future gymnasts in our midst. We had a lot of fun, and now that Zoe is potty trained we might have to sign her up for a class soon.

Potty Update!!!

I am probably going to regret announcing mine and Taylor's very great news, but here is goes anyways: Zoe FINALLY figured out the #2 part of potty training.

So instead of screaming horrifying shrills of terror on the toilet, after finding her weak spot (JELLY BEANS, STARBURST, and M&M's) she is now willing to calmly preform her duties. The sticker chart worked wonders for the beginning, but didn't cut it for the entire process. Thank you for all the words of advice, who would of thought a single peice a candy would help her right along. Don't misunderstand here because I did offer candy, it just wasn't the right ones. Anyways, so YEAH for ZOE and yeah for going potty on the TOILET!!!

Dane has, believe it or not gone #2 on the toilet lately, but I will not be training for a little bit longer, he's too little, but anxious to follow in his big sister's steps all too soon.