Monday, September 27, 2010

Finally an update!

So much has happened since I have last posted.

First Zoe:
SHE'S TOTALLY POTTY TRAINED and has been for months now. We are so happy with her willingness to cooperate and she actually gets excited to go now. :) She's is 3, and now going to preschool! She's learning to read and is loving being a big girl now. She loves books and will read them for hours everyday during her quiet/nap time. She's very protective and very sweet to her little brother and they get a long very well. We love her little silly faces, sweet smiles and high energy for life. She's impressed with the simple things of our everyday hussle and bussle and is starting to help out around the house more and more. We can't get enough of her and love her so much.

He is 1 1/2 years old and such a delight to have around. We are enjoying watching his new discoveries of the world around him and eating up all of his sweetness everyday. He too is learning to read and enjoying it too. He loves to look at books and have us read to him. He enjoys playing at the gym and having one on one time with mommy while Zoe is at preschool. He loves his big sister and misses her when she is gone.

Turned 30 in August and is in his 2nd year of his ENT residency, and enjoying his life despite the hard hours and call shifts. He loves to run to the kids when he walks in the door and embraces the hugs and kisses for as long as they will let him. He is enjoying the out doors when he can and we enjoy our date nights on the weekends when we can.

Also turned 30 this month (YIKES) and enjoying 5am runs and watching the sun come up. Discovering myself again through my passions of make-up, photography and my kids. I will be taking a make-up certification class soon and will be excited to be in the class room setting again. Enjoy taking pictures of my kids and learning photoshop elements. I love watching my kids explore the world around them and the simple things of life.

I will be blogging more these days since we are getting my computer freed up from all the pictures it's been carrying. More updates to come from our trip to Utah and our friends Ashley Marostica and her kids visit to AZ.