Monday, March 29, 2010

RAGNAR AZ 2010!!!!!

204 + miles later, our team of 12 runners, FINALLY CROSSED THE FINISH LINE!!!! We had our ups and our downs, we threw up, got little to no sleep, partied, and just about passed out when it was all over. We started in Prescott AZ, and ended in Tempe/Mesa AZ. This is our team, (minus 1 who had to go home because she had the hardest legs of the whole thing). Joy was really sick, and we missed having her at the end, but it was fun the first day wasn't it? A small tribute to the boy/runner who lost his life during this race. It was so sad and surreal to hear of someone loosing their life while we ran this race, but life happens, and when it's your time to go, no matter how it happens, the lord is in charge. The 18 year old male was crossing a highway to give water to his team mate who was running at that time, and on his way back to the van he got hit by on-coming traffic. It was 2 am in the morning, and not very lit. We are sadden by the loss that the team and family had to face. It was a bitter-sweet ending to this race. We celebrated by eating at Cafe Rio. I'm pretty sure we all went home and crashed for 2 days Enjoy!!!

Easter Outfits!!!

Although last Sunday wasn't actually Easter, the kids needed to get dressed up in their Easter outfits because they were just begging me to do so. Haha... and because next Sunday is General Conference and we won't be able to play dress up as easily. Well I guess I could get them all dressed and ready to sit in front of the TV and listen to the Prophet speak, but lets be honest, it's PJ's and french toast for us.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

We are alive!!!!

So here is the scoop....

I didn't forget that I had a blog, but I currently have the most annoying problem on my computer right now... I CAN'T UPLOAD ANY PICTURES. Why do you ask does Amber always have problems with her computer?? Hmm... maybe because my little laptop has so much gosh darn stuff on it, that it's taken us literally MONTHS, to clean it all off. So now it is currently all cleaned off, but because both Taylor and I are not computer wizzes, we do not know what happened to the little part of my computer that allows me to add new photos to it. So I must take it in to get "looked at." (again)!!! So here is an update for you without pictures... :(

Yes, I did it, I ran the RAGNAR race (about a month ago). It was awesome, exhausting, sickening, and rewarding. I ran a total of 17 (ish) miles in about 24 hours. We are not exactly sure on the miles because each leg was not mapped correctly, but that was the round about mileage. We had a blast doing it, and I am currently thinking about doing it again. Pictures are to come of this event.

Dane- TURNED 1 YEAR OLD!!!! Pictures to come of this too! He's seriously is the cutest kid ever, and I pretty much want to gobble him up everyday (which I do because I'm mom and as mom I can do that right?)

Zoe- Seriously the cutest little 2 1/2 year old (minus her terrible-two's tantrums, sassiness, and plain old independence). I'm currently trying to read up on how to manage my little Angel and her sweet ways. If any of you have any suggestions on how to raise an almost 3 year old, I would be happy for some advice.

Taylor- Currently entering into his final rotations of his intern year yeah... and is going to be focusing on his specialty now... ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) Head and Neck Surgery. For the past 9 months he's been doing all sorts of random stuff, but now that all those things are out of the way, he can finally start learning what we moved out here to do.

Things are busy, and full of adventure here, but we manage to keep our head above water and tread lightly when we can. Hope all of you are doing well.