Sunday, July 27, 2008


Sooo.. Zoe has something to tell all of you!!

Ya.. you read it right!!! Are you freaking out yet???? Zoe's not but mom is! Hahaha!! So the rumor if you haven't heard by now is... True!! I am due March 10 (but Grandma Corbin's b-day is March 2nd so she might have to share her birthday!!! ) So this might explain the lack of blog entrys lately and the photoshoots that I have yet to post. I've been feeling really yucky so far, which is new for me, since my last pregnancy I was hardly sick. We are thrilled and can't wait to meet our new little arrival. Yes... it was planned and they will be 19 MONTHS A PART!! Yup... I know, I'm crazy. So there you go-- that's the latest!

More pictures from the 4th!!

More from this 4th of July Month

So sorry that the rest of our Niagra Falls and Palymra Trip are just now being put on our blog. We had soo much fun. With out going into major detail on every single picture... I will just say that the pictures with us in yellow raincoats are of us going down under the waterfalls (Bridal Vail is where they let you walk right up to and get all wet.) They call it "Cave of the Mists" And Yes... we took Zoe right up to it. She got sopping wet, but of course I don't have a picture to show you of that because my camera needed a new battery exactly at that moment.

The ones with the blue raincoats are when we went on the "Maid of the Mist" boat ride. This one is where you go up to both the Canadian and the American Falls and get to be all up close with them. It was so darn wet that at one point you literally can't see anything except white mist--it's quite blinding actually. Nonetheless we didn't spare our 10 month old and she of course got sopping wet there too. Despite our wettness it was quite hot that day so it was refreshing to get a little cooldown throughout the day. In future pictures... if you see little people with yellow raincoats walking around on stairs under a waterfall... those I took from the boat. (and thats just a better look at where we were with our brave little Zoe).

Sunday, July 13, 2008



The name of my photography will be known as:


Yea!! So I know what you are thinking--it's not very original-- and I could have come up with that one all on my own, but I had to see what else was out there. After reading all of your very amazing suggestions and thinking really long and hard about this (I know its seriously not that big of deal), I decided to go with something that used my name, but wasn't too difficult to remember. Special thanks to all of you who participated and tried hard to help me out with this.

My goal: To build my portfolio. My website is "under" construction right now and therefore is not viewable at this time. That's where you guys come in. I am possibly moving from Philadelphia in less than 1 year, so unluckily I might not be here for long.

In the mean time I am looking for willing participants to let me snap pictures and build my portfolio. Although I am going out of town for a few weeks starting in September, I would love to squeeze in as many of you that would like to particpate. I will take pictures of anything you want.. family, kids, babies, bellies, and engagements.


$35- For my travel, session fee & DVD

Session will be 60-90 minutes in length and your choice of location
DVD includes 100+ images including black and whites of all images

Portraits will also be availble to order if you would like

You can contact me at: or you can call me if it's easier

(Brooke you won---contact me when you want to redeem your session)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Our Trip Part 1--

For the fourth of July weekend we went to Palmyra NY and saw the Hill Cumorah, Sacred Grove, Visitor's Center, Smith's Family Farm, and Home, the Grandin Publishing Inc.. (orginal publication spot of Book of Mormon), and sites of the little town. It was very spiritual despite the long dry and crying baby in the back seat... we really had a lot of fun. We have more photos to come of Niagra falls.