Sunday, November 8, 2009


I'm not sure where to begin, but I just feel like writing some of my thoughts down....

If I happen to find a spare minute between naps, dirty diapers and dishes, I find myself trying to catch up on blogs. Which honestly can make me feel really crappy sometimes. Is it just me or am I the only one that hasn't mastered the art of time management? I will read some peoples blogs and it absolutely amazes me the things that they can do in just one week, or even just one day. Some days I'm lucky to take a shower and get out of my PJ's, but for others... they've got their routines down.

On a REEEAALLLY good day, I will.., get to the gym, shower, plan and make dinner, clean my house, take my kids to the park, budget, and call an old friend. But the next day I'm so pooped from the previous day that I have to spend the whole next day recooping.

Honestly, I want to know the secret out there. How does someone get so much accomplished in one day? I think that having kids as close in age as mine probably doesn't really help, but I know that it's been done before... mastering the art of checking off more than one thing of your to do list.

On a lighter note....

Dane is finally not getting up at the 5am anymore, and now that we took Zoe's pacifier away she seems to be a little less crazy all the time. Instead of focusing on where a passie is, she knows that they are totally off limits and finds other things to put in her mouth. Not that that's what I want, but we are moving in the right direction. Dane is getting into everything, but is still slow enough that I can catch him before he truly makes a mess.

Also... can I just take a minute to say that although I want to go completely crazy most days with being an exhausted mom of 2, that I absolutely, 100% love and adore my kids. This does not mean that I don't get mad or frustrated, yell or want to cry somedays. But honestly I must be going through a patience growth spurt because I am more patient with them than I used to be, and maybe due to a little more sleep... but I actually can't get enough of them. (Ok, maybe by bed time I am ready to say good bye), but honestly they are sooo sweet. And of course because they are my kids, I think that they win the award everyday for the cutest baby and little girl contest. Zoe definitely has her moments of ..."why are you doing that??" "please don't dump your toys, I just cleaned them up" or "1, 2, 3-that's it'..Time -Out"... times. But she is so sweet.

For example: When eating something that she really doesn't want to eat, she actually stalls the next bite (which she knows I'm going to make her take), by pointing to her mouth and saying "I finish that...." even if there's barely any trace of food, she will chew it until there's nothing left. It's actually hilarious. Then she will hurry and put what she considers a more desireable "good bite" of food in her mouth before I can get the vegetable in. (I think she gets the "I finish that" line from when I would tell her that she has to finish her bite before she can have a treat/cookie or something. So anyways, so now she thinks that she is quite the tricky one. She also just started repeating things that Taylor and I say... both in context and out. One that's actually really cute is when I go to get Dane out of bed she says: "I come, I come..... " she then follows me up the stairs and trys to beat me to his room. When I walk in, I will usually say: "Hi baby Dane, Hi...." Now before I can even open the door all the way, Zoe will say with a ton of enthusiasm and reeally loud... "Hi baby Dane Hi.." then she will follow it with a quick sniff to his bum and say: "Dane poopy...euw gross" (even when he's not poopy). She even has to give him kisses and hugs too.

As for Dane --He is so cute and so scrumptious that I literally just want to kiss and bite his little face every second. He gives the best slobbery kisses. He gets so excited when Zoe walks in the room and he just loves to play with her. He's actually getting good at tackling her now and she even has to defend herself a little from him these days. He's great a pulling my hair and Zoe's too. He's completely standing and holding on to things, and when I sing to him, he dances and shakes his arms.

I will have to post a video of it soon.

Ok, well now that I've rambled and given you an update any hints or suggestions on how to master time would be exceptionally helpful.