Friday, December 19, 2008

Ok... Sorta Cool.. but I know I am lame!

So this last summer I was obsessed with watching So You Think You Can Dance...One of the best Dance shows out there and MUCH BETTER THAN DANCING WITH THE STARS---

One of the girls that I liked was Kherington. She unfortunately got kicked off after she made the top 10. She wasn't my number one choice but still... I liked her dances with Twitch and some of the other guys. So anyways..... I was at South Coast Mall (in So. Cal) yesterday with my parents, hubbie and Zoe. She walked past us and I thought it was her, but Taylor was convinced that it wasn't.

I knew we would argue about it forever and ever.... (and yes I am admitting he watched it with me so he does know who she is)
But... I am sick of him thinking I am crazy when I say I know someone but just can't figure out how I know them. (We have this thing where I always say... I know that person... and he always says know you don't, but my problem is I can remember a face just not exactly where I know them from.

Anyways.. after following her around in Sephoria... (I was sorta being a pregnant stalker lady).... I just went up to her.

OF COURSE I WAS RIGHT!!! It was her. She was so nice and she was with this ugly boyfriend of hers, but he was a nice guy, just not cute enough for her. Anyways... We chatted for about 5 minutes and I got the scoop on her. She's filiming a moving called "FAME" and she keeps in touch with the other contestants. She's from OC and grew up here so it was only natural for her to be at South Coast. So there you have it... I met Kherington from So You Think You Can Dance. She met Taylor and Zoe too, it was really fun, but NO I didn't ask for a picture because I thought that would be for sure lame. Although I would of loved one anyways.

So just for fun... The biggest celebrity I have ever personally met (other than Donny and Marie Osmond--who don't count because I grew up with Donny and Debbie and their kids in my home ward)..... Is...Robert Redford, I have personally met and spoken to to him. I worked at Sundance in their restaurant and of course being as he owned the whole restaurant it was only natural that he would eat there. I was his server. I also saw Sally Fields visiting there too.

I am curious, I know some people have seen celebs... but have you ever met and chatted with anyone really famous? If so, do tell--- I would love to know!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Funny Faces!

So while Zoe was eating lunch one day she was in a very silly mood. I happen to have my camera right there to catch her in all her glory... (please excuse the messy face).

Her pointing to her "nose" (even though those are her ears... we're still working on this one) heehee...

Where's Zoe?? Peek-a-boo!!

I caught her right in the middle of her jibber jabber words... I think she was telling me to get her our of her high chair..

Patty-cake Patty-cake..Baker's Man...Pat it and Roll it and MARK IT WITH A "Z"

And throw it in the oven for Zoe and Me!!!


So after dinner (or any meal for that matter).... Zoe is usually ready for the Tub. But no one is allowed to say the "T" word because she will immediately spit out her food, rip off her bip and any other clothes that she is wearing. I try to get her to eat as much of her dinner as possible before we resort to telling her it's tub time. Now it's become quite the ritual at dinner, and we all fight over who gets to say it to her first. These pictures only capture a glimpse of her excitment to get in.

Utah Pictures

Here are some pictures from our stay in Utah. Here is a quick shot right before church. Zoe is at least looking at the camera this time...

Daddy is DONE with all of his away rotations YEA!!! Well at least the ones that we've been out here traveling to do. (So once again...the rotations he did were at... UCI (in Irvine California- my hometown)... Mayo Clinic in Arizona, and U of U in SLC...
Currently Taylor is interviewing for residency positions now. But before he left to go do those, we were able to get some good down time and play lots with him. We went to the park, shopping and hung around at Grandma and Grandpas. We are thrilled to be finally moving on with his interviews.

More pictures at the park... Aunt Aubree got to come and play too... (And Christmas came a little early for Zoe... we let her have her little car/bike early). Plus I had to get some shots of her cute pig tails.... she loves the car and thinks that she's quite the big girl now!!