Tuesday, February 26, 2008

6 months old!!

Daddy and Zoe

Being as Taylor is gone a lot due to his crazy rotation schedule, he doesn't get to see Zoe do what she does best... Eating. He fed her the other day (not for the first time, but in a while), and he was so amazed at how well she is progressing. As you can see she loves all of her foods, including the green ones. So nevermind the messy face, you know me, I just had to get it all on film. It's so fun to see them interact together, she adores her daddy and gets so excited when he walks in the door. She is such a little sweetheart and we just love her.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Going Night-Night!

I've decided to take as many pictures of Zoe as possible. She's already getting so big, I can't believe she's not a newborn anymore. Even if your hubbie thinks your crazy for taking so many pictures, you can never get those precious moments back, so I say-- snap away, even if it means I should tolerate a few of my own in there too. This is me settling Zoe down for the night...I know I am going to miss these days, I better enjoy them while I can--She is so cute.

Meet "Charly"

My mom brought Charly back from Germany when she went last year in March. He used to be her same size but as you can see, she holds him like he's her baby. She has a love hate relationship with her toys these days.

Meeting Charly, play nice- Oh Good Girl!!

Give him Huggs!!

Zoe: "Momm...Charly is teasing me!!"

Zoe: "I don't like you any more Charly!"

Passie's make it all better- life is ok again!!

She is so funny. You would think that she would like playing with toys... nope not Zoe, if she can't eat it, digest it or bite it... she's done with it. I can usually let her play with a toy for about 5 minutes max, then it's over. Do you think this phase will pass? Anyhow, thanks mom for Charly, I think when she's older she will learn to appreciate him more. He's so cute.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

"Z" for Zoe!!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Zoe is 5 months old!!

Zoe just turned 5 months old a few days ago! Time flys...isn't she the cutest?

More Aquariam pics...

They actually have a lot of cool things to see. They have a pretty cool shark tank with decent sized sharks in it, huge hippos, penguins, octupuses, crabs...and of course tons and tons of fish. It was awesome and being and Zoe was playing big girl for the day, she also decided to drive us home. I think we're gonna have to watch out for her, she's not even old enough for her permit yet.

The New Jersey Aquariam!!

Last week we went to the New Jersey Aquariam. It was so fun. Even though Zoe had no idea what she was looking at.... she was still in awe. Check out how huge that Hippo is!!

Zoe's most recent blow out!!

So we started Zoe on solids recently can ya tell?? Not only are sweet potatoes all over her face, but well, there in her diaper too. And yes, that's a size 5 diaper. We went with Heather and Jared to get Sushi and I had to change her diaper so many times...that I ran out. Luckily Heather came to the rescue and let me use one of Teagens'. It was Taylor's turn to bathe her... yeah!! It was quite the ordeal. I had to put the camera down and help him peel off her clothes. Despite it all, whats even funnier... is she could careless..I think she thought it was quite comical herself. Ohhh, that's why we love her.

Pollei Cousins. This is Halle (left) and Madelin (right). As you can see Zoe loves her cousins!