Monday, January 26, 2009

The Pollei's are alive

Hey all-

So I am starting to get emails of friends and family members wondering if the Pollei's are still alive. Ya we are.... barely. Hahaha...

We are officially back in Philly and just now settling back in. We have been cleaning house and packing house since we got here. We subleased our home to a really nice medical student, but I'm not sure that he cleaned much so we've had our work cut out for us since arrived. I'm a little scared about monkey #2 coming and I only have 4-6 weeks left. If I had him about the same time as Zoe I would be having him Feb 29th (my due date is March 10th) So in the mean time, I have been trying to do everything I can to get ready for him and pack what we can in the house. Zoe is finally adjusting to her crib again and most of the time sleeping through the night. I have finally come to the realization that I will probably be getting up with two kids for awhile....or just as long as Zoe adjust to him and his noise in the house.

-By the way.--- does anyone have any advice to give for transistioning a 17month old to being an older sibling? They will be about 18 months apart and I am not sure how she is going to handle sharing mommy and daddy.

As for Taylor... HE IS DONE, DONE, DONE...Interviewing!!! yeah!!! I can't tell you how great that feels. He will be ranking a total of 12 programs for his ENT residency match. We find out where we are moving on March 19th! We will be moving hopefully West of Texas, but he did interview at a couple of East Coast programs (none in PA) so we could still be out here. He is currently finishing up his last few mandatory rotations and then he's done and graduating on May 19th.

We are excited to be home and to be settled for a few months at least. I will be posting pictures soon. Sorry about my lack of blogging posts--I will be better at that now that we are back. Hope to hear from you.